Torn between 2 Churches

I already wanted to commit myself to a church but I’m confused because I’m torn between two churches. How will I know where God wants me to be?
I experienced a similar thing when I was in High School. I grew up in an evangelical church and really loved my church. At the same time I got introduced to Victory and started attending there weekly service. I was torn between the two churches. Here are some of the deciding factors why I moved.
1. Vision of the church.
It is important to know what the vision of the church is. Are you sold out with the vision of the church??? When I saw the vision being lived out in the church, it was a major deciding factor.
2. What is God saying to you.
I had to wrestle with God. Do I stay with my former church or should I leave. I had to talk to my former church about my leaving and made sure I did not bring anybody with me on the move.
One thing that we have to be careful of is to stay in a church out of pity and not out of obedience to God. I have heard people who stayed in the church because they feel they can save the church. We have to remind ourselves that we are not Jesus and we are not the reason why the church would experience revival.
3. Room for growth.
Not just in spiritual feeding but opportunity for ministry. The church’s role is to go and make disciples. If the church ceases to make disciples, it ceases to exist as a biblical church. Choose a church that is serious about fulfilling the great commission.Don’t choose a church with a consumer mentality. Choose a church where you can grow spiritually through the proper preaching of God’s Word and opportunities for you to make disciples
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One thought on “Torn between 2 Churches

  1. Charity

    Thank you Pastor for the enlighten…
    I was torn between 4 churches aswell since July…
    VCF Lucban, VCF Siniloan, VCF LB and Local Baptist Church in our town…
    I am really a part of Lucban church when I was in college…
    I love it so much before it is where I have known God. and they really are my spiritual family.
    LB and Siniloan are where we attend after college but not regularly because its the nearest VCF in our area.
    the Local church in our area I attend to is because the pastor is a family friend and he keeps on inviting us but I was totally confused regarding this…
    I really prayed about it…
    I have attended in all of their services for a month…
    its like Church hopping…week after week…
    But since June, I know God wants me to take root and be a family member not a visitor in a church.
    Now by grace Im now attending VCF LB…and I already have a VG there…nice!!!
    Thank you Lord…

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