4 kinds of Preaching Style

I will be teaching later in our School of Campus Ministry. I am excited to have  a chance to speak to my fellow workers about a topic I am passionate about – preaching.preaching

The Bible puts a high premium on preaching. 2 Tim 4:2 commands us to ministers to PREACH THE WORD.

There are 4 kinds of preaching style being commonly practiced in churches today and I am not an advocate of any style but I do advocate preachers to not bore people with the WORD.

The Bible is living and active – it convicts people of their sin and one of the gravest sin is sleeping during a sermon which means if as a pastor I bore people to sleep then I am part of the problem. Anyway here are the 4 styles of preaching.

1. Expository preaching – this is preaching through a book of the Bible verse by verse. I have never tried this but would really love to. Some of the pastors who use expository preaching are Mark Driscoll and Matt Chandler.

2. Textual preaching – this is how I usually preach. This style falls between expository and topical preaching. Churches that offer sermon series usually have this style of preaching. Textual preaching is preaching on a section of the Bible without preaching the entire book of the Bible.

3. Topical preaching – this preaching uses several Scriptures of the Bible to address an issue or discuss a topic. This is the most used style of preaching.

4. Narrative preaching – this style is gaining some grounds nowadays especially with the concept of storytelling being widely used in the business world today. I rarely use this style as some of the portions of the Bible are not narrative. The letters of Paul to the churches are not narratives. Example of books that are narrative are Ruth and Esther.

My suggestion is that as preachers of the Word we use different styles of preaching and not get stuck with one. We can not be legalistic on what we should use but be adaptable and open to what the Spirit leads as you prepare your messages.

what is your preaching style?

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20 thoughts on “4 kinds of Preaching Style

  1. johann

    Kung baga sa investments nga daw, “diversified” preaching styles hehe. tama ba R.T.? hehe

  2. lee lawson

    i never really thought about it but i guess im a topical preacher however i like the other styles as well but thanks for showing me

  3. Phill Taylor

    Might I just ad, a good preacher would never ‘bore’ a congregation with the “WORD’, as the author of Hebrews says,
    For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart, hardly boring stuff.

  4. JMLeona

    The questions are? what kind of preaching that is faithful to the Word, the Writer and carries the original language that one could say it is the word of God (Dabar). Which preaching that men applies Eisegesis and not Exegesis? Which preaching comes from Pragmatism(modern hitech preachers), mens desire for men and not God’s will for men? Which preaching are Chopsuey that is mixed scriptures, did the writer wrote it that way? Good Expositors are good and faithful in the Word on all the kinds of preachings without relying on many commentaries. The essence is not the style, but the substance of Apostolic teaching(original) . Spirit of God gives life to the Word of God to us, so the Word is not our choice of word and mind. Greek Word (as part of expository study) is more specific, The original word in the Greek or Hebrew is translated by more than one word in the English. The English translation is separated by one or more other words from the original. and more with Tagalog. Are we to preach what the writer is saying or what we want to say?

    I respect your choice but since you never tried expository, I believe that’s how you live and appreciate confidently that it is the word of God you encounter verse by verse and what you are doing is Dabar.

    thanks for the topic..gtg fast for now.

  5. Shehzad Samuel Ohri

    I am a student in a Seminary I am going to take a course on Biblical preaching. Special emphasis is given on Expository Sermons but looking into your site it was good to know more that there are more than one way of preaching and reaching the world. Being a Pakistani national, it is not always possible to share totally Expository Messages (like preaching a expository sermon from Ezekiel 23). Although I know there are metaphor’s and similes used in this text.

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  7. Taylor

    This may be too far off subject, but it seems preachers who have the sermon all planned out and almost read from it often speak in sing song voice tones that may come from seminary school (?) It is almost like a lullaby. Others that seem to be more spontaneous talk in a more normal type voice. The sing song tends to put me to sleep, while the spontaneous works better at keeping me awake.

  8. Abraham Akinnuwa

    This summary of preaching style is succinct and straight forward. I use the first three most often with prophetic declarations. And I quite agree that the gospel should be presented in a non boring format. This is possible with the help of the Holy spirit.

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  11. Ronnie

    Thanks for this site,I’m a up and coming local preacher in the AME organization and not sure what “style ” of preaching I do,but since reading here I believe my style is topical also. But now that I see the differences of “styles “, my main concern is that I hope I’m not judged by what “style” of preaching I’m doing but that what I preach get to the hearts and minds of those I preach to and the Word is living no matter who gets it.

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  13. Elder Helen Kelley

    I have used Expository, Textual and Topical in the teaching/preaching ministry I have been entrusted with. When I feel a particular leading, I made share a narrative as part of the teaching/sermon.

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